CHEC is grateful for the many who have given sacrificially, fought battles, and worked tirelessly to contribute to the Colorado homeschool community. We recognize and express our gratitude for some of these leaders through these annual awards.

Award: Spark Plug

CHEC is dependent on our team of volunteers, and each year, over 300 families and individuals join CHEC to promote homeschooling, share their love for the Lord, and enjoy fellowship with others. Volunteers are tasked with anything from stuffing envelopes in an afternoon to working regular hours on large special events like the Rocky Mountain Super Conference on the Family. (Learn more about volunteering.)

As a way to honor our volunteers, CHEC presents the Spark Plug award annually at the Rocky Mountain Super Conference on the Family to a volunteer whose efforts set them apart by an unusual amount of energy, inspiration, dedication and self sacrifice.

Past Award Recipients: Spark Plug

  • 2003: Jody Smith
  • 2004: Ida Mae Custer
  • 2005: Julie DeKruif
  • 2006: Marci Walter
  • 2007: Amy Menges
  • 2008: Rebecca Austin
  • 2009: Nancy Casterline
  • 2010: Ian Serff
  • 2011: The Dan Einarsen Family
  • 2012: Chad Roach
  • 2013: Steve & Jennifer Vaughan
  • 2014: Aureli Drake
  • 2015: The Louie & Cassandra Colorado Family



Award: Support Group Leader of the Year

Support groups offer fellowship, inspiration, tools, and hands-on support to homeschool families under the guidance of support group leaders.  The sacrificial service of these leaders goes largely unseen.  But each year, support group members are invited to nominate their leader for the Support Group Leader of the Year award. (You can nominate your support group leader here.)

Award recipients are recognized at the Rocky Mountain Super Conference on the Family.

Past Award Recipients: Support Group Leader of the Year

  • 2003: Gail Urbina, SPICE (Support for Parents Involved in Christian Education)
  • 2004: Clare Dawson, Bear Valley Homeschool Group
  • 2005: Steve & Yvonne Dodge, House on the Rock Christian Homeschool Support
  • 2006: Ronnie McKay, Parker Christian Home Educators
  • 2007: Brian & Pam Newburg, High Country Home Educators
  • 2008: Mike & Paula Anderson, HOME (Helping Our Members Educate)
  • 2009: Margaret Cranor, Gunnison Valley Home Educators
  • 2010: Steve & Jennifer Vaughan, Christian Faith Homeschool Group
  • 2011: Glenn & Jamie Ogg, R-HOM
  • 2012: Mike & Roxie Cheney, CHEC Conference Committee
  • 2013: Cheryl Lindberg, Parker Christian Home Educators
  • 2014: Pam Newburg, High Country Home Educators
  • 2015: Sharon Ford, HOME (Colorado Springs)


Award: Statesman of the Year

We praise God for legislators who stand for Christian homeschool freedom.  Each spring at the the Day at the Capitol rally, CHEC recognizes one Representative or Senator in appreciation for their selfless leadership in the arena of public policy.

Past Award Recipients: Statesman of the Year

  • 2003: Representative Don Lee
  • 2004: Senator John Andrews
  • 2005: Representative Dave Schultheis
  • 2006: Representative Kevin Lundberg
  • 2007: Senator Greg Brophy
  • 2008: Senator Ted Harvey
  • 2009: Representative Kent Lambert
  • 2010: Former US Senator Bill Armstrong
  • 2011: Senator Scott Renfroe
  • 2012: Senator Kevin Lundberg
  • 2013: Homeschool Liaison Treon Goossen
  • 2014: Senator Mark Scheffel
  • 2015: Senator Owen Hill


Award: Ruth Beechick

In 1986, after a distinguishing career in the education field, Dr. Ruth Beechick channeled her talented writing skills to promote home-based discipleship. A true pioneer in every sense, Dr. Beechick gave credibility to a spawning movement that welcomed her expertise. Standing against a wave of conventional worldly wisdom that condemned home education, Dr.Beechick soon became a beloved writer and counselor to many new homeschooling families. Her compassionate timely wisdom came to a pinnacle with the publishing of her book, A Biblical Home Education, where she boldly proclaimed that, “Since the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, anti-God teaching can only lead to foolishness.” Dr. Ruth Beechick lived in Golden, Colorado, until she passed away in 2013.

CHEC is pleased to honor this legacy by presenting the Ruth Beechick Award to past and present homeschool leaders who have distinguished themselves in Colorado. In the spirit of Dr. Beechick, we seek out those who have given of themselves sacrificially, who stand on the principles of God’s Word, and who understand the truth that wisdom can only be taught in the fear of God. We recognize the Ruth Beechick Award recipient at the annual Day at the Capitol rally.

May God in His mercy grant us many more leaders who typify this courageous woman of God!

Past Award Recipients: Ruth Beechick

  • 2000: Ruth Beechick
  • 2001: Kevin & Sandy Lundberg
  • 2002: Treon Goossen
  • 2003: Mike & Teri Spray
  • 2004: Steve Ong
  • 2005: Kevin Swanson
  • 2006: Brenda Kelly
  • 2007: Pete Olson
  • 2008: Mike Cheney
  • 2009: Marcia Washburn
  • 2010: The Bill Roach Family
  • 2011: The late Chris Klicka, Esquire
  • 2012: The George Sechrist Family
  • 2013: Vicki Lewis
  • 2014: Brian & Pam Newburg
  • 2015: Mike Chapa